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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 2, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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talk? will it give legitimacy to a regime that doesn't respect human rights. we have lots of other responses. have a great day. a fox news alert. new details on a hostage situation in alabama as the efforts to rescue a little boy locked up in an underground bunker now stretches into a fifth day. i'm kelly li wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. we have continuing coverage. welcome to a brand-new hour. let me give you an update, alabama police wrapping up a news conference and saying they are still in an open line of communication with suspect speaking through a ventilation pipe that runs into the shelter. that is where the two hold up.
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elizabeth prann is on the scene in midland city, alabama. with the latest. >> reporter: i can assure you the community is waited on baited breath and we had a press conference and there is open and constant line of communication with the suspect. take a listen. >> due to lack of communication but he has told us he has heaters and blankets inside. he is taking care of. he is also allowed us to provide medication, toys. >> reporter: that power in the heat was very important. the temperatures were dipping down into the low 0.2ear night. he want to thank more dykes before taking care of the child. they won't respond to any possible demands he may be
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making. he also said they are rotating shifts. they are working 24 hours a day and number of first responders and number of agencies across the country. the next update will be 9:00 p.m. local and 10:00 p.m. eastern. i wanted you to keep in mind here is a community that mourning one of their own. they are holding a funeral tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. for charles albert pole, jr., he tried to save the children on the school bus. in fact they suspect so many people to turn out they will not be holding the funeral at a church. they will be holding it at a local civic center. >> jamie: who is this suspect? >> we know very little about him from authorities. with the county, mr. jimmy lee dykes he has had issues with the law. he had some loner, he had anti-government views and he
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would roam at night with a shotgun and have a flashlight. if he had any issues with the neighbors he was constantly making threats. on one wednesday he was supposed to be in court. he was facing menacing charges while threatening one of the neighbor while ten-year-old daughter was present. neighbors were wary of him and some were even afraid of him. we talked to one, he killed her dog with a lead pipe. >> jamie: that is frightening insight into who is holding this five-year-old boy. glad you are on the scene. thank you. >> kelly: we'll continue tracking this story to do that. to do that go to our tv for all the latest developments on that particular story. meantime, there is a lot going on. big new developments in u.s. policy towards iran. at a security conference in germany, vice president joe biden underlying u.s. willingness to hold direct talks
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with tehran over controversial nuclear program. listen. >> we have made it clear at the outset that we would not -- we would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the iranian leadership. we would not make a secret we are doing that. we would let our partners know if that occasion presented itself. that offer stands and it must be real and tangible and an agenda they are prepared to speak to. we are not just prepared to do it for the exercise. >> kelly: so, big developments there and our molly henneberg is live in washington with more details on this story. good to see you. >> molly: it takes two to have bilateral talks and the vice president says they are trying to get iran to the table. if they are serious about discussions on that nation's controversial nuclear program. previous discussions between iran and the five permanent members of the u.s. security
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council including the u.s. have not done much to stem iran's nuclear development. vice president biden in germany for a security conference suggests the u.s. is not giving up. >> there is still time, there is still space for diplomacy backed by pressure to stuck seed. the ball is in the government of iran's courted. >> molly: iran announced it will add new machines to speed up the ability to enrich uranium. mahmoud ahmadinejad has said the program is for peaceful purposes but the u.s. and other nations believe iran is trying to build a nuclear weapons arsenal. force talks with the u.s., one military analyst iran has not shown ni true interest in coming to the table. >> they haven't been in the previous four years of the obama administration, the previous eight years of the bush administration, and the previous eight years of the clinton administration, i can continue to go back.
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so, i do not serious about negotiating. >> molly: he says the u.s. along with other nations should use covert operations to thwarted iran's nuclear development. >> kelly: thank you for that reported. >> jamie: biden's jess tur may be falling on deaf ears as iran showed their newest warplane. it's made in iran and according to the iranian military it combines the speed of a fighter jet the firepower of a bomber and can evade radar. >> kelly: for more with the continuing standoff with iran and biden's remarks on direct talks, we will be joined by former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. he'll weigh in wisdom of engaging in such talks that some critics say it gives iran more
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time to develop their nuclear weapons program. >> jamie: deadly terror attack in turkey. the suspected homicide bomber or suicide bomber may have been a convicted terrorist who was serving time after being released with an illness. they are claims responsibility for that attack. we'll give you background on the bombing yesterday, injured a journalist and killed another guard. u.s. ambassador in turkey the man gave his life to protect others. >> i pay my respects to the family of the turkish hero who stood guard for us every day, was well-trained, was committed to his job and who died pretending the turks and americans who work at our embassy. >> jamie: they remain under very
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high security. >> kelly: u.s. has a new chief diplomat. hillary clinton resigning and staff giving her a heartfelt sendoff over her tenure. she visited 112 countries making her the most traveled secretary of state in u.s. history. former massachusetts senator john kerry was sworn in as the 68th secretary of state. his first day on the job is monday. >> jamie: president obama predicting 2013 can a year of economic growth providing washington can, quote, get out of the way. that was in his weekly address. he points to signs of progress and some setbacks. >> business has created 2.2 million jobs last year. we just learned that our economy created more jobs over the last few months than economists originally thought, but this week we received the first estimate of the economic growth over the last few months.
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it reminded us that bad decisions in washington can get in the way of our economic progress. >> jamie: just yesterday we saw the recent job numbers tick up and the u.s. economy is worse off than it was four years ago in four major categories. let's take a look. first unemployment rate january 2009, it was 7.8% and it is 7.9%. then under employment, percentage of americans who are not working as much as they are able to. in 2009 it was 14.2% and today it kicked up to 14.4%. four years ago, 12 million americans were out of work and now it's 12.3 million. today less than 64% of americans that are capable of working are actually out there looking. that is down 2% from 2009. let's bring in angela and jehmu greene and former president of the women's media center.
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nice to see you. okay, let me ask you first, angela, it sounds like more finger pointing when the president says that washington needs to get out of the way. is he talking about congress? >> he is talking about himself and congress and get out of the way and let the private sector. the only way i can reduce poverty and increase prosperity is by free markets and capitalism and not bigger government. what we have seen with the obama administration has been more bureaucracy and bigger government and more regulation and more spending and less prosperity. you can see it in the job numbers. >> jamie: smud should we read anything into the fact that the president is focused on gun control and immigration, given the fact we're still getting these numbers and so many people are out of work? >> i'm confident that the president can do two things at
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the same time. when you talk about letting the private sector do its thing, that is exactly what has been happening. i think it is interesting when you have so many conservatives openly like support small government. when you look at these thumbs, the private sector jobs increases have been steady month after month. government workers -- so government has been shrinking and what do conservatives want? it seems exactly what they want. >> what planet have you been living on? 8.5 million people have left the labor force since obama took office. >> we are moving in the right direction. >> our unemployment rate has gone up. president of the naacp admitted that. what we need is for congress and the white house to work together to create policies to create a better america, not create more jobs, not appoint more czars but
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legislation that will help. >> jamie: do you think if we can't get agreement in washington on these economic issues there is a possibility and maybe the president is thinking this, it could correct itself? >> i think if republicans continue down the road that they've been on we're going to see exactly how they destroyed the economy. look, when they do these types of scenarios and taking us over whatever cliff it is today or tomorrow, what happened in the last few years, we were downgraded. the stock market was decreasing. >> harry reid did not offer a budget. >> and five-year high with the stock market closing on friday. >> the democratic leader offered a budget in the last three years. you need to put a proceed says in place and your party has not been a team player.
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>> to put a budget forward and the budget chair is going to do that. i have full faith in her. that is the difference between women and men sometimes. >> jamie: let me judge in on the budget. let me ask both of you, angela, we don't have a balanced budget. a lot of talk about spending cuts. what spending cuts not only reasonable to push for and see happen, which are rational given this economy? >> what we have to do is roll back the obama tax increases and we have to look at entitlements and put that on the table. democrats know and republicans know it. we're going to go bankrupt. that is the first thing. cutting spending will balance the budget. we've done it before. >> jamie: can you be more specific on spending cuts there is a are rational and reasonable and we sai may see? >> i think we have to cut waste and not jobs. as you look at the pentagon
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budget and some of the way that it has been bloated, i think there are lots of opportunities there. i think we have to look at corporate tax loopholes as a significant area where we can increase revenue, but again, we have to have conservatives and republicans in congress that are willing to work with the president instead of the activities that have destroyed the economy. luckily we had a president in place who was pushing back these types of policies. >> jamie: i have to leave it there. >> people are seeing more taxes come out of their paycheck. >> it's like groundhog day. >> jamie: thank you very much. always great to have you on. >> kelly: i think that debate is conning. meantime, a brazen murder of a prosecutor in texas, very serious story, new details coming to us on the shooting of an assistant district attorney gunned down in broad daylight outside a courthouse.
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>> jamie: plus baltimore ravens offensive tackle living beyond the dream. michael orr going from the subject of a hollywood movie. >> appearing? the superbowl tomorrow. great story coming up next. >> and it took a while a world war ii veteran is finally honored for his service -- that is more my style -- all these years next. >> i thought i deserved it. i thought what i thought was the right thing to do. my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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>>. >> jamie: welcome back. we have new information in a texas courthouse shooting. police increasing the reward for information leading to suspects in the death of a district attorney. and investigators say they are searching for one or two masked gunmen who may have been wearing bulletproof vests. sending to treatment kits to brazil's deadly nightclub fire. and twitter informing quarter
1:20 pm
million yours that accounts were breached. it was attacked while it was in progress and shut it down immediately. >> kelly: for baltimore ravens for michael oher playing in the superbowl game is an impossible dream that hollywood could not have imagined. oher the subject of a movie blind side earned his place in the biggest game of his life through hard work, achievement and faith. he was growing up in a poor environment and dysfunctional family. a year ago, i met this remarkable man and now that he is stepping into the top game of his life. we would like to show his story of michael oher, living life beyond a dream. >> michael oher doing what he loves best,ing me and talking with children at the school in maryland, he takes advantage of
1:21 pm
every moment and encourages students to stay in school and get a good education and pursue their dream. >> you guys, making in life, you can't do the bad things. you have to do what is right. i always stay away from negative people, people that do bad things. i stay away from those guys. i was going to be something. i do think i was going to be a positive influence in the world. >> posing with students holding his best-selling book, he is on mission. he knows some of the kids he meets is experiencing the same heartbreak and pain that he endured as a child. >> i didn't have anybody telling me i need to go to school. i didn't anybody go to work every day. i didn't want to get caught up in the cycle of growing up, dropping out of school, getting involved in drugs or violence.
1:22 pm
>> in his book, he tells his own story of growing up in a tough public housing project in memphis, tennessee. one of 12 children, living with his single parent mother who was constantly battling drug addiction. her failures caused michael and his siblings to be separated and sent to various foster homes. he recalls how df his early life had become. >> it was difficult. to have your mother nine times out of ten, no father in the home and your mom is on drugs. >> he remembers when he was seven years old he watched michael jordan play in the finals against the phoenix suns. that moment made a lasting impression. >> somebody to look up to me like everybody looked up to the professional athletes. >> now that he has accomplished the n.f.l. player for the baltimore ravens, he enjoys serving as a role model to
1:23 pm
children. unlike the movie "the blind side," that depicts him as slow learner will in real life he was been playing football as a young boy and has a thirst for education but he needed a lot of help. it tells the wonderful story relationship with his family. >> here is a white family adopting a black child and accepting you as their family, what does that say about the racial divide in america? >> it's not about black and white. nobody reached out like they reached out. just for them to take somebody and come from the neighborhood i came from, i don't know if i would have taken somebody like that -- it shows you what type of people they are. hope in their home and to trust and believe in me and the trust i was going to do the right
1:24 pm
thing. >> kelly: ravens are playing the 49ers tomorrow. michael oher will be there and no matter the outcome, he will still be considered champion. >> jamie: he is amazing. >> kelly: we wish him all the best tomorrow. >> jamie: the dow is topping 14,000. it's a big week. what does it say about the economy when we are still shedding so many jobs. we'll take a look what is causing the disconnect. >> kelly: new remarks from joe biden, stressing u.s. willingness to hold one-on-one talks with iran. that is coming up, ambassador john bolton explains live why he thinks this may not be the right move. >> i reserve the right as president of the united states to meet with anybody at a time and place of my choosing if i
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i have me on my fantasy team. >>. >> jamie: fox news alert. out of midland city, alabama. hostage standoff that is in the fifth day. authorities are saying they have an open line of communication with 65-year-old suspect jimmy lee dykes believed to be holding a five-year-old boy in the underground bunker. allegedly kidnapped the child from a school bus on tuesday after killing the bus driver. we have fox news crews on the scene and bring you any updates as we get them. >> kelly: major developments on the growing crisis with iran and nuclear program. today iran unveiling it's newest homemade fighter jet in an elaborate ceremony on state tv. according to officials it can avoid rider detection and bomb
1:30 pm
targets on the ground. iran announced plans to pump up or ramp up uranium enrichment activity. telling the u.n. they will install advanced centrifuges that could drastically speed up the enrichment process and then there is syria. that could set off a war between iran and israeli after iran said any attack on its ally would be considered an attack on iran itself. after israel bombed a target inside syria on wednesday, on top of all this, vice president joe biden said the u.s. is willing to talk directly with iran over the nuclear program the can we or should we really talk to iran? joining us to weigh in on this, john bolton. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor. ambassador, good to have you with us. you can see joe biden there is
1:31 pm
still time and space for did he diplomacy backed by pressure to succeed. i have to ask you, what kind of pressure be placed on iran to curb its nuclear ambition and what requirements should the u.s. have in place before entering into a unilateral dialogue with iran? >> i think vice president biden is continuing the fantasy that the obama administration has pursued for the last four years. the idea that under some undefined circumstances iran will come to the negotiating table and make some undefined agreement that will end the threat that it could produce nuclear weapons. that is just simply unrelated to reality. iran has been pursuing nuclear weapons for 20 years. they have a very broad and deep program. they are not racing to build the first bomb because they don't feel under any pressure to do so. even if vice president biden got
1:32 pm
his wish and they came to the negotiating table there is no indication that anything will happen other than past negotiations, namely that iran would buy more time. >> kelly: very good point. we were watching president obama from 2009 stating as president he has a right to take action that he believes will benefit the united states. do you see any benefits out of entering a unilateral dialogue with iran. i know the vice president saying there has to be preconditions in place, but do you see any benefit at this point? >> no, i don't. the president's point happens to be correct but utterly unrelated to the subject of dealing with iran's nuclear weapons. >> kelly: but unrealistic at this time? >> yes, because the iranians see they are close to achieving this objective they've been pursuing for so long. they would like relief from the economic sanctions. the sanctions are having an impact particularly on iran's middle-class.
1:33 pm
i would point out those are the people who are most opposed to the regime building the nuclear weapons. letting that pass, i think the iranians would love to find some relief. i'm afraid that the obama administration and european friends are inclined to give them some relief under the pretext that we're making progress on solving the nuclear weapons issue. that is just simply not going to happen. i just add, even we could get to the table with iran, what is the compromise we're going to see with iran? they want to get nuclear weapons we don't want them to have nuclear weapons -- what is the compromise between the two? >> kelly: to your point. iran shows defiance by announcing plans to increase its pace of you a resignium enrichment which would enable them to make reactor fuel for nuclear warheads. given that fact, how can we, international community trust them to step back from that and
1:34 pm
negotiate in good faith. vice president going on to say, policy is not containment but it's to prevent iranian from acquiring nuclear weapons. should there be some sort of covert operation as some members of the military community are now saying here in the united states? >> i think there have been covert efforts against the program, a virus and others. i'm in favor of that, but the fact that the iranian program is so far advanced that while sabotage can slow it down, it can't stop it. that is the real issue. they are very close to being able to produce nuclear weapons. it's really a matter of months. we don't know how much they have cooperated with north korea that has already exploded two nuclear devices. >> kelly: given that scenario then, how does all of this fit if in or tie into the middle east particularly the civil war in syria as it relates to israel
1:35 pm
and iran's reaction stating with the threatening tone if anything is done to the ally syria it will react? >> the whole region is becoming more unstable and more combustible. that israeli attack against the syrian convoy taking supplies to hezbollah. i think they are preparing to respond to an israeli attack to o their nuclear program, or using hezbollah to act present empty actively. so to prevent israeli from being able to carry out the attack. i think we're moving quickly and very close to real trouble throughout the region. >> kelly: what is your best advice in dealing with this entire situation? >> look, the iranians don't understand anything but firmness when it comes to the nuclear
1:36 pm
weapons program. i think we are passed the point where diplomacy or sanctions have a chance of working. the most likely outcome is they get nuclear programs. the question is whether israel will act militarily. two unattractive options but the worst would be iran with nuclear weapons. >> kelly: we thank you to your perspective and insight, sir. >> thank you so much for having me. >> jamie: fox news alert. we report that the new york city woman who went missing in turkey has been found dead. she was 33-year-old wife and mother of three. she was first reported missing nearly two weeks ago. she was vacationing in turkey, she has been sending photos home over a two-week period. she arrived there on january 21 and last conversation she had with her family was dated before she was ticketed to return.
1:37 pm
her husband and her brother did travel to turkey and istanbul to help in the search for her. her two children are nine and 11 years old but the sad news from reports on the ground, nine people in custody, but it's unclear whether they are witnesses or suspects, all connected to her disappearance and apparent death. we'll bring you more as we get it. >> kelly: new concerns over the nation's economy. unemployment rate ticking up now at 7.89%, is the unemployment rate looks like this, why does the dow look like this? closing above 14,000. we will take a look. >> jamie: president obama picking up a new hobby, this one might surprise you. the picture, next.
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>>. how often does the president go mosquito shooting? >> -- skeet shooting. >> i don't know how often. he goes to camp david with some regularity. >> is there a photograph of him doing it? >> there may be, but i haven't seen it. >> why haven't we heard about it before? >> because when he goes to camp david, he goes to spend time with his family. >> kelly: we do have a photograph now. white house releasing a brand-new picture of the president. here it is. president obama skeet shooting at camp david. the presidential retreat in maryland. the picture was taken last summer and the president surprised many last week he actually used guns recreationally as his administration pushes for an overall of the nation's gun laws. >> jamie: new concerns over the
1:43 pm
nation's economy. u.s. unemployment ticking up at 7.9% and g.d.p. shrinking posted negative growth. national debt, stale whopping $16 trillion and growing. so why is the dow jones making history hitting 14,000 setting a record new high for the first time in five years. mickey is the founder of partner of cargile investments. look at that picture. 14,000, we'll take it. why did it happen? >> the thing we have to remember economic data is always backward looking. looking in the rearview mirror telling us what happened. the stock market looks forward. it is looking ahead six to nine months. economic data is not predictive of what the stock market will do but the stock market is predictive of the economy so they are saying we have broader
1:44 pm
days ahead. >> jamie: there must be optimism out there. what should the investor do? >> there is optimism. one that earnings continue to grow. even though revenue is coming down, now that is bad for things like unemployment because corporations continue to squeeze their earnings and get more productivity out of their sales so they can grow earnings on lower sales. to get productivity by reducing their work force and replacing it with technology. however, that productivity continues to grow and really for the last 20 years i've heard it's the end of the productive cycle but that does not happen. we just continue and grow the productivity and grow earnings. >> jamie: it's nice to know that it may lead to some hiring. what is your report card on main
1:45 pm
street. employers are still suffering? >> as investors you have to separate economic news from investment reality. whenever you are investing in the stock market you are buying a share of those earnings. when we look back to 2000, we're buying earnings today at half the price they were in 2000. so that creates good value for investors. that is driving the stock market. of course, low interest rates is driving it as well. >> jamie: on that note on interest rates, do you expect it to stay low? >> they will stay at low through the middle of 2015 and probably beyond that point. we're following the same economic model japan had in place for almost 25 years now. >> jamie: are you saying we won't be greece? >> i don't expect we'll be greece. we have the problem of washington writing hot checks and we have to have growth to pay those checks, but we have a
1:46 pm
$16 trillion economy. so i think the message i have for you today, the economic news probably isn't as bad as it reads when you look at it every day. >> jamie: we appreciate you weighing in on it. last question -- how long does a rally like that have to last in order to see the unemployment numbers change in the right direction? >> we're in a different environment right now. wince you have an economic event that lasts more than a year, which we had high unemployment number for more than a year, your comparison numbers reflect that. so as we look at economic data today, they do reflect that high unemployment number. the thing that will get it down is bringing manufacturing back to this country, and that is just done through the growth internally of our economy. we have a $16 trillion economy. if it grows at 2%, that is still a good growth rate.
1:47 pm
that is lot of dollars. that will create some economy in the future. the unemployment rate will stay high for a while and it's one of those things that unfortunately with the policies we have today we just have to accept. >> jamie: mickey, great analysis thank you. we have more advice, new health concerns for men that are diagnosed with prostate cancer. treatment options, what is worse the disease or treatment? >> kelly: and groundhog day. punxsutawney phil has made a prediction re-election it be six more weeks of winter or an early spring. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ me and my shadow my shadow and me ♪ ned nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway... advanced helights...
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>>. >> kelly: health warning for men a new study prostate cancer is overtreated and those treatments have serious long term side effects. is this true? here to way is david samadi is member of the fox news "a" team
1:52 pm
and doctor, we should point out you are one of premiere experts when it comes to prostate cancer and understanding how men can avoid it and prevent it and how to treat it. so what about this new study? >> it's a study that is coming from new england jumper of medicine. they looked over 3,000 patients and followed them for 15 years. what they are find ougtd there are some side effects with surgical treatment and radiation. most of these studies come from early mid '90s and we were doing a lot of open surgeries and radiation was not as sophisticated. we did all intense modular radiation they were. you have to take it with a grain of salt. i can tell you the answer to that question, there are certain times that treatment for prostate cancer we are overtreating it. there is overtreatment of prostate cancer is we don't have a real diagnostic tools.
1:53 pm
meaning that you may have many different types of prostate cancer, high risk, moderate risk or may have low risk. moderate risk and high risk you have to treat it because otherwise they will tie die. you have about 30,000 men die from prostate cancer every year. big question the debate comes in when you have a low rate risk. do we follow them with a psa which we know is not a sensitive test. are we going to do more biopsies and what is the anxiety for the patient. your doctor should be a detective. should really look at the history that you have. look at the psa, the rise of the psa. how many are positive and put it and say, look, i think this is low risk. we'll watch it, or there is a risk of spread. >> kelly: i have to ask you. it's begging the question. how many doctors will take the time to be that detective for a
1:54 pm
patient who may have a low risk prostate cancer situation? how do you keep following it? does it rely on the patient being his own detective and going back again and again? >> i think you are bringing up really excellent points. for viewers, people that are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you must listen to this. you have to be your own doctor. you really have to search for the best and most experienced person for prostate cancer if you are dealing with it. i think medicine has become very complicated. medical doctors, family practitioners, you want to go to the expert for prostate cancer and theories the ones that can dissect which ones is going to hurt you and which one we can watch. ultimately when it comes to surgery, you want to pick the most experienced doctor. i'm the wrong guy if you need a
1:55 pm
vasectomy, i am not doing them all the time. when it comes to prostate cancer and my thinking is all concentrated. so you lower the risk. now in the study they talk about sexual dysfunction, all of that has to do with the experience of your surgeon. the more you do, practice makes perfect and the better the result. find the most experienced doctor. whether it's radiation or surgery. >> kelly: you will be joining jamie colby tomorrow morning. >> it's getting great reviews. all the patients out there they love the problem. >> jamie: everybody will want to join uatsd 10:30. spring is coming early this year. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this morning.
1:56 pm
if he sees it on february 2nd, six more weeks of winter, and if he doesn't, spring is coming soon. thousands attending the annual event in pennsylvania today. and would you turn out for that? >> kelly: i would turn out for favorable conditions of him going on to predict that we will have an early spring. >> jamie: we should hire him here. >> kelly: time for springtime. >> jamie: we're ready. that is going to do it for us. i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: journal editorial report is straight ahead right here on fox. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. with olay, here's how. new regenerist eye and lash duo
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